Lemon Lemon Lemon

Underestimated, over priced vegetable. Lemon. Second only to salt.

Always a great salad dressing by itself. The way I like to use the humble lemon is this. Recycled 100gm Kissan Jam bottle( or any other similar sized glass bottle), one lemon squeezed into it, 1 tbl spoon olive oil, dash Balsamic or wine, tiny salt, Oregano or Tarragon or thyme, pinch fresh crushed pepper, optional chopped fresh cilantro or dill. Use what you have at home. No sweat . Lid on. Shake well. Open, pour on your fav salad. Toss together.


Fishy fingers. Rub with lemon.

Garlic odour. Rub with lemon.

Turmeric, wine, oil or ink stains on fabric. Rub with lemon

Ah, and my pick of the Xmas season. Roast chicken. Few slices shoved under the skin of the full chicken. A little zest and juice in the stuffing. Or just few slices the in the hollow of the chicken ( if one is too busy to prepare stuffing)

Manoshi's Stuffed Roast Chicken

A must buy for all kitchen enthusiasts – I say enthusiasts since ‘The One Who Must be Obeyed ‘ loves stocking the kitchen, whether he cooks or not- is a lemon zester. And no, a kitchen grater does not substitute.

Lemon zester

Sniffles of the season. Lemon juice. High in vitamin C

Exfoliate your skin with half a lemon. Youth Miracle.

Weight loss. Lemon juice, warm water, honey. First thing in the morning.

My friends now recognise this as my signature dish. Butter Basa. Marinate a kg of Basa fillets in the juice of 2 ‘Lemons’, of course! Add a handful of pounded garlic and green chillies( pounded together- it brings out and fuses the flavours) , oregano and salt to taste. Marinate for 2 hours or overnight or shove it in the freezer after marination for cooking on a busy work-night. In a non stick or seasoned iron skillet, put 25gm Butter ( blame it on Julia Child!!!!! ), place the marinated Basa alongside each other and cook both sides. Pour the marinade on top. Remember to space the Basa out or they sweat too much, making the flesh oozy, rather that juicy. Cook till golden brown on both sides, which means slow heat at the beginning, each side, and then 2 mins on high heat for crisping the fish.

butter basa

Another must buy for kitchen lovers. A sturdy, good-sized, cast iron skillet. It needs seasoning, however. Oil the skillet all sides, shove in oven and bake for 1 hour at 450˚ F. Now your skillet is as good as a non stick in functionality and irreplaceable as a cooking utensil.

Bad hangover. Lemon water

Tooth ache. Teeth need an instant shine. Apply Lemon.

Dandruff. Apply Lemon mixed in warm water.

This blockbuster essay can go on. And like all Dhooms, Dons and Krrishs, must come in part I, part II, part III…… So more news on Lemon later. Till then lets polish the elbow with a discarded piece of lemon peel

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