Crab Meat Burger with Prawn Krupuk

The Prawn Krupuk stole my dreams. This stunning delicious prawn flavoured cracker is so elusive.  My few trips to Calcutta are marked with hunting for this cracker, tasting it and hoarding it. Unfortunately many vendors sell it, but only a few taste good.

So this Pink Sunday, the Prawn Krupuk ruled our lunch and the greedy child with her greedier daddy tucked into  Crabmeat Burger with Prawn Krupuk and a side of Baked Beets & Beans. Of course, the daddy also got a Martini Slush. And the daughter, a Cola Slush.

Crabmeat Burger, Prawn Krupuk, Baked Beets & Beans

For the Bake

Marinate  triangular slices of beetroot, finger sized beans, quartered boiled potatoes and  garlic pods with skin, in olive oil, lemon juice, salt to taste  and rosemary. You can marinate overnight or for 4 hours, but it tastes fine even without any marination time.  Bake for 30 mins at 400* F

 For the Burger

For the 6″crabmeat patty,  I used half a can of crabmeat but fresh is much better when Bombay is not washed down in the rains. So to one portion of minced crabmeat, add a third portion of minced boiled potatoes, 2-3 chopped green chillies (check #heat factor), 2 sprigs chopped cilantro, chopped 6 capers and 3 olives, spoonful of chopped onions and garlic, crushed green and black pepper, salt to taste. Mix these well together and I like to get my hands down and dirty at this stage. Make a fat, juicy, round patty, dip it in whipped egg and coat it uniformly in bread crumbs. When you have your batch of patties ready, put them in the freezer to set for half an hour. Meanwhile, cut slices of gherkins, caramelise some onion rings and toast your burger. Then on a low flame, shallow fry the patties till crispy, toasty brown on both sides.

I prefer the whole wheat burger buns and I lightly toasted them with sesame in a tiny knob of butter. Plonk your crabmeat Patty, caramelised onions and gherkins. Burger ready to be chomped into

Prawn Krupuk

There is no escaping the deep frying of this wonderful white and pink prawn cracker.  Note: do not fry on high heat , else it will not expand to its full size and will turn yellow.

A two hour afternoon siesta is the consequence of such a Pink Sunday lunch. Sweet  dreams!

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