Kingfish from Palolem

Waves roll in. Waves roll out. Waves roll in. Waves roll out. Waves roll in. Waves roll out. Waves roll in. Waves roll out.

That’s Palolem for you. Sunny Goa, locally brewed Kings beer, abundant fish. The list of fabulous food and restaurants is never ending, with each local shack boasting its own Goan Chorizo Chilly Fry and Grilled Catch of the Day. A  few favourites – ‘the Full Monty’ breakfast at Brendan’s. the ‘Goan Sausage Naan’ and ‘Prawn Momos’ at Ciarans , ‘Old Monk Cold Coffee’ and ‘Beef Steak’ and the ‘Sausage Basket’ from the Kid’s Special Menu at the Espresso Cafe, ‘Prawns Biryani’ of Dropadi, the ….. The one that killed it though was the ‘Grilled Whole Kingfish’ at Fernandes.

Not wanting to let Goa out of my skin so fast, I decided to makethis recipe  as soon as I was back home( see pic).  My ‘no-balcony’ Bombay home does not boast of a Barbeque,so I decided to bake my fish in the oven instead.

You can bake/grill your fish whole or sliced into discs. The flavour changes with each variation , but is delicious in all its avatars.

If your fish is whole than cut few deep diagonal gashes along each side of the fish, to allow the flavours to penetrate the meat. This helps the marinade to seep through and the fish grills crispy through and through. If sliced, then the marinade must coat each piece well.

For a 1kg fish, grate a bulb of  peeled garlic and a 4″ pice of ginger. Add sea salt, juice 1-2 lemons, and finely chopped 4-8 green/red chillies(depending on your heat threshold).  Your marinade is ready and now you can marinate  your fish in this, for not longer than half an hour. Else the fish will ‘denature’ or start cooking in the citrus juices. .

On 180* C or 360* F, preheat your oven.  In an aluminium foil,  wrap your fish and dot the fish all 0ver with 30gm of butter cubes. Place this in a baking dish, bake the fish for 15-20 mins, turning it on both its sides. After 15-20 mins, uncover the fish and let it crisp for another 15-20 mins or till the fish feels cooked. do not let the fish become dry or too flaky. Baste with butter, if it starts drying out.

Serve the fish with a side of Cocktail Salad and a yoghurt dip.

Or go to Palolem.

kingfish from palolem

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